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#1 CineSamples Iron Guitars KONTAKT

Date13-06-2010, 21:36

#2 Cinesamples - Deep Percussion Beds WAV KONTAKT-ASSiGN

Date14-01-2011, 09:53
Cinesamples - Deep Percussion Beds WAV KONTAKT-ASSiGN

Cinesamples - Deep Percussion Beds WAV KONTAKT-ASSiGN | 3.6GB

#3 CineSamples Iron Guitars KONTAKT

Date21-11-2010, 13:00
CineSamples Iron Guitars KONTAKT

CineSamples Iron Guitars KONTAKT | 111 MB

Iron Guitars is a multisampled powerchord library for Kontakt 3+. If you are a composer of Film, TV, Games or Trailers, this library is an essential tool for your productions.

#4 CineSamples CineToms Vol 2 KONTAKT

Date20-02-2011, 11:59
CineSamples CineToms Vol 2 KONTAKT

CineSamples CineToms Vol 2 KONTAKT
TEAM AudioP2P| 02-18-2011 | 547 MB

For a while we’ve wanted to do a second tom library, taking advantage of the best sounding recording room in New York (well aside from Carnegie Hall). Using the same space, microphone setup and classic recording gear as with Drums of War we wanted do record “tom” ish sounding “toms” with multiple microphone positions so one could dial in a specific sound at will. Often when other tom libraries sit in the mix they have the tendency to not sound like toms, but more like large top heavy and unfocused drums (sometimes this is indeed fantastic to have). However we felt we needed, specifically, to at least have control over the close and far microphones to adjust the sound as needed in the track. We threw in the stage mics for good measure.

#5 CineSamples CineToms (Kontakt only).

Date12-12-2010, 19:09
CineSamples CineToms (Kontakt only).

CineSamples CineToms (Kontakt only) | 500MB

CineToms is an Explosive Cinematic Tom Library for Gigastudio. Kontakt and EXS24. This pack present here is Kontakt only.

If you are a composer of Film, TV, Games or Trailers, this library is an essential tool for your productions. “We hired a professional percussionist to bring his best drums to a great sounding recording studio. In the large room, we strategically placed several microphones around his drums, close mics, overhead mics, and hall mics. We recorded each drum – literally hundreds of hits, left , right and dual-handed, each at many dynamic levels. The brush hits have an especially unique sound. At each step, the technical quality was given the utmost consideration. From microphones and pre-amps to A/D converters, we chose the highest quality components. After recording, we chose the best sounding hits at each dynamic level from each drum. Through much trial and error, we created the most ideal combination of the microphones, which gives the CineToms samples a sonic shape that works beautifully within any mix.”

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#7 RapidShare Manager 2.1132 Portable

Date11-12-2010, 01:18
RapidShare Manager 2.1132 Portable

RapidShare Manager 2.1132 Portable | 5.49 Mb


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#9 RapidShare Manager 2.1166 Portable

Date13-12-2010, 20:14
RapidShare Manager 2.1166 Portable

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#10 GlowImages GWN102 - Sea Coral

Date18-06-2010, 08:20

#11 Easy RapidShare Downloader 2.0.0 Portable

Date19-10-2010, 13:16
Easy RapidShare Downloader 2.0.0 Portable

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#12 GlowImages GWN106 - Bears

Date18-06-2010, 08:20

#13 GlowImages GWN105 - Butterflies

Date18-06-2010, 08:20

#14 GlowImages GWN101 - African Wildlife

Date18-06-2010, 08:20

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#16 GlowImages GWN108 - Natural Elements

Date19-06-2010, 04:12

#17 GlowImages GWN104 - Marine Life

Date18-06-2010, 08:20

#18 GlowImages GWN103 - Cats of the Wild

Date18-06-2010, 08:20